“Another step to further commit to UN’s sustainable development goals. “

Climate commitment!

In 2018, Lime DMC launched Green Commitment, an initiative to increase consumption of green, vegetarian food and Km0 products.

Our aim was to go seasonal, local and climate smart!

Now we are happy to announce that we take the next step towards a more sustainable development. Let us introduce CLIMATE COMMITMENT.

From our point of view, sustainability is to combine the joy of travelling and discovering new destinations while respecting our environment and our society.

Of course, Lime DMC cannot directly control or avoid all negative impact, but OF COURSE WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE by choosing smarter options in order to minimize our impact on the natural environment.

Lime DMC is Carbon Proof Certified since 2020, meaning that we (with great consciousness and enthusiasm) work to reduce our carbon footprint in our day-to-day life, at work and outside.

We also work actively for the defense of human rights, legal compliance, labor rights, health and safety at work and respect for the environment. Climate is not only about global heating and carbon footprint: climate is very much about social responsibility and fair trade – it’s about the well-being of people.

How do we commit to climate?

Giving back

We encourage CSR activities where you learn about local needs and problems, and where you can give back and actively help through actions as, for example, reforestation.

Sustainability first

We offer our clients destinations and hotels with a clear sustainability policy. The more we all work actively for change, the bigger result we’ll get.

Enjoy nature and spend quality time together

Spain has amazing nature to discover and the fantastic climate helps us to enjoy all year round. Lime DMC suggests activities that cause low or no impact on the environment.

Go green, go local: Be climate smart

This is where our Green Commitment started!

We promote restaurants that serve locally produced seasonal products (Km0), bet on vegetarian-Mediterranean food, substitute bottled water for filtered water and reduce the amount of waste – both of food and recipients.

Reduce transport and gain a healthy heart

Reduce unnecessary transfers which gives a more environmentally friendly effect, but also much smoother logistics and increased physical activity. Change the bus for sport shoes and walk to your destination!

Promote areas with a strong social profile

Lime DMC promotes activities in and in relation to city areas with a strong ecological, sustainable and environmental profile as, for example, the SOHO in Malaga or Triball in Madrid.

Support small business and work opportunities

Do you want to buy some Spanish delicacies, wine, shoes, souvenirs…? We recommend our guests to buy products in small family-own businesses instead of big shopping malls in order to support local economy and traditional commerce.

Social fairness

At Lime DMC, we vigorously encourage our suppliers to observe labour rights, health and safety at work and respect for the environment.

Travelling with Lime creates sustainability

When you choose to work with Lime DMC you make an active choice to reduce negative environmental impact and to fight climate change, as well as to respect labour rights.

So, what do you think? Do you want to work with us and for the climate?

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