Cool down with a scoop of ice-cream

What’s finer on a hot sunny day than a scoop of cold ice-cream? Alicante churns out some of the tastiest ice-creams in Europe; some would argue they’re even finer than those found in Italy.

Ice-cream has been a tasty treat for more than a thousand years.  Roman emperor Nero apparently loved snow from the Alps covered in fruit and honey.

Thirteenth century explorer Marco Polo is credited with bringing a forefather of ice-cream to Italy when he brought back a recipe from China.

In the Alicante region, snow was collected from the mountains and was stored to preserve food and to prepare ice-cream during the summer months.

Over time, families in two Alicante towns (Ibi and Jijona), which are just 30 miles apart, became connoisseurs in creating delicious ice-creams.

Nowadays Alicante is teeming with ice cream parlours with flavours and colours you never thought possible. So how would you feel about a tasting tour of Alicante ice-creams just to pick your favourite? Ours is Heladeria Borgonesse.

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