contrasts: Snow + Sea

Let contrasts surprise you, and let me tell you that you will be surprised for sure!

Everybody knows that Sierra Nevada is one of the best equipped ski resorts in Europe. OK, that’s right, but I will also tell you that it also offers a stunning “almost-religious” experience: when you stand on the top of the Veleta peak, you will be absolutely impressed by the view! On one side you will see the Mediterranean sea, the Atlas mountain range (African north coast) and the bay of Málaga, and on the other side you will see the city of Granada and to the northeast, the desert of Gorafe and Tabernas.

Believe it or not, from time to time I go skiing early in the morning and then I spend the afternoon sunbathing or having a cocktail at a charming beachfront “chiringuito” (typical beach bar, some with tables and chairs right on the sand). In Granada, we have snow and sand just an hour drive away!

And I must tell you this is one of the most delectable pleasures in the world!


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