Tapas, tapas, tapas!

The origin of the word “tapas” is the subject of more than one argument in Spanish bars. However, it is generally said that the first tapa was just a piece of bread which was placed over the top of a drink to protect it from flies. Hence, the word “tapa” literally means “cover” or “lid”.

Granada is one of the few remaining cities in Spain where tapas on the house are still offered. And it’s not about asking for a tapa, it is about ordering a beer or a glass of wine and waiting for the tapa to be served right away!

One of my favourite tapas bar in Granada is Los Diamantes, where fried fresh fish is their leitmotiv (and mine). Their deep-fried calamari and shrimps are absolutely glorious!

I simply love the way Granada’s bars interpret the art of tapas: OK, they are served for free, BUT they are genuine culinary masterpieces, not just a small dish of olives or chips.

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