“Magical and Unique”

Tasting artisan brandy at an intriguing cellar

Did you know there is a cellar-distillery dedicated to brandy in Mallorca?

It is called Bodegas SUAU and has been producing brandy for two centuries. When I first heard about the place, I felt moved and wanted to know a bit more about the story (please, imagine… 1850): It was established by a visionary sailor in 1850 after falling in love with a Majorcan lady, whose father asked him to give up sailing if he wanted to get married with his daughter. And he did!!! Doesn’t it sound romantic?

Apart from this, there’s also excitement inside this special and fascinating building, as it has narrow tunnels, intriguing underground passages and hundreds of barrels stacked in pyramids.

The building also houses a museum with beautiful copper stills, as well as many artifacts of liquor industry from the Caribbean, brought by Juan Suau (the Captain) from his countless voyages around the world.

I can now attest that this distillery is a real hidden gem in Mallorca!

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