Ronda radiates a “feel-good guarantee” inviting you to return, time after time!

Ronda, a haven for MICE events and corporate gatherings, is nestled 100 km west of Malaga. This captivating town, divided by an impressive gorge and connected by the iconic Puente Nuevo, weaves history and legends into its charm.
The poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote; “I have searched everywhere for the ‘city of dreams, and found it here, in Ronda”

Beyond the breathtaking old town and cozy cobblestone streets, Ronda unfolds its natural beauty. Embark on a scenic bike ride through the ravine to La Cueva del Gato, a crystal-clear oasis for a refreshing swim. Then continue your journey to a century-old vineyard, where a magnificent lunch, freshly prepared with local products, awaits you.

As well, gastronomic delights place Ronda on the map of culinary tourism. Local produce like olive oil, wine, cheese, ham and wonderful vegetables are respectfully turned into culinary pleasures.

Considered one of Spain’s most beautiful villages, Ronda offers perfect conditions to craft outdoor activities, inspiring meetings, creative events and culinary memories.
All in all, this is Ronda: where every cobblestone narrates tales, every dish echoes tradition and every visit promises enchantment!

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