San Sebastian—Where culinary magic meets beach bliss!

What makes San Sebastian so special?
Is it the world’s most beautiful beaches?
Is it the city with the highest density of Michelin stars per square meter?
Is it the warm and inviting locals or the endless array of exquisite pintxos at vibrant, traditional bars?

We’d argue it’s the perfect blend of everything!
Discover San Sebastian, a city blending the world’s most beautiful beaches with a culinary scene boasting the highest density of Michelin stars per square meter globally.

Whether you’re here for MICE events, a business trip or incentive travel, immerse yourself in the charm of this Basque gem. Pack your suitcase with essentials: a swimsuit for La Concha’s morning allure, a tie for Michelin-star dining elegance and comfy sneakers for a delightful pintxos odyssey at lively typical taverns.

Welcome to the Basque Country! Welcome to San Sebastian! ONGI ETORRI!!

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