Cider is something truly typical in the north of Spain, more specifically for the Basque Country and Asturias.

Cider houses don’t only produce cider but they also serve food in a wonderfully casual way.

Through time, the cider house rules or traditions have established a more or less fixed menu at the cider houses. You eat, literally, until you drop. The menu consists of tortilla de bacalao (cod omelette), deep-fried salt cod,  charcoal-grilled ox steak, cheese with quince jam and in your glass TXIRI – CIDER!

When they pull the cork out of one of the enormus cider barrels and let a squirt of cider pour out, then you quickly hand forward your glass for a sip of cider.

You never fill a glass of cider the way you are used to. No, cider is poured from high above or, like they do it here, from a distance in small sips in order to stimulate the carbonic bubbles created when the golden liquid hits the glass with force/energy.

The action in itself, opening the cider barrel, is called TXOTX.

A sip, then another and another… And inbetween a menu that would make a gutty lumberer fall on his back.

A fun, fascinating and very hearty tradition that I truly recommend.

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