Renowned for its sunny slopes, Sierra Nevada is more than just a premier ski resort; it offers a near-religious experience.

Picture standing atop Veleta peak, revealing this awe-inspiring panorama: on one side you will see the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlas mountain range (African north coast) and the bay of Malaga, and on the other side you will enjoy a fantastic view of the city of Granada and to the northeast, the desert of Gorafe and Tabernas. Astounding, isn’t it?

Sierra Nevada is located 30 km from Granada, 95 km from the Mediterranean and 170 km from Malaga. Europe’s sunniest ski resort is situated at 2.100 m and offers fabulous skiing up to 3.300 m from December to April.

What about skiing in the morning and jumping into the Mediterranean in the afternoon? Not a bad plan, is it?
Sierra Nevada is a fantastic MICE-destination that provides magnificent accommodation options, conference facilities, wonderful restaurants and nightlife for any event like conferences, product launches and corporate gatherings.
Sierra Nevada is not just a ski destination; it’s an unmatched blend of adventure, sunshine, great gastronomy and spectacular nature to enjoy all year around.

And yes, (believe it or not) we have both snow and sand just an hour’s drive apart!

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