First things to do once corona quarantine is over – Malaga

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So that’s what I want to share with you – what it means to me to enjoy life.

There is a place called MALAGA that hides a lot of things to do and enjoy – and this is my proposal for 24 hrs in this vibrant city.

First of all, to begin the day in the best possible way you start with a morning walk along the port side promenade, to the beach and up on the hill to Gibralfaro Castle from where you see all of Malaga at your feet.

You who know me, knows that I’m not much of a “marathon walker” so this morning exercise calls for a really good breakfast. The best place for that is Astrid Organic Restaurant where you can have a delicious hummus toast with avocado and – now listen carefully – a “mini-morning-cocktail” – Exercise isn’t so bad after all.

Lunchtime is closing in and as you know that’s something like sacred ritual for us in southern Spain. We go from place to place and we let lunch take its good time.

First stop is for me a hidden gem – the Atarazanas Market Hall. It’s all like a colourful and comfortable chaos… You see every stand full of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. People are shouting, laughing and of course discussing football.

It’s time for the appetizer so I head to one of my favourite bars in Malaga, inside the market – EL YERNO. This is always my choice for that first cold beer and I never fail to order Coquinas – small clams typical from Malaga.

From there I continue to a small delicacy store, El Almacen del Indiano where I say hi to my good friend Mane. His store is that kind of place where I would like to be locked in for some time… Fantastic wines, delicate tins, delicious ham and the best olive oil there is. Everything from local producers. Here I stay for a good while, so we get a chance to get up to date.

All of these appetizers really made me hungry, even if it’s hard to believe. During confinement I many times remembered the roasted noodles with shrimp and aioli they serve at Restaurante Araboka so that’s where I’m heading next. And if you go there sometime, you shouldn’t miss their “tartar de salchichón” with mustard sauce.

On my way to the last food stop I pass by the Picasso Museum which is just in between Araboka and Los Patios de Beatas. Did you know that Picasso was born in Malaga by the way?

At Los Patios de Beatas I meet Julian, my good friend since many years. While we talk about the last months happenings and more importantly, about what is coming we enjoy superb wines. Yes, when you want good wines you must go and see Julian. And if you order the black cod in coconut sauce, I bet you will be back not only once or twice.

All the eating has made me quite full… I really need a coffee.
Did you know that having a coffee in Malaga is quite an experience, because in Malaga a coffee isn’t just a coffee! They will ask you if you want to have a solo, cortado, nube, sombra, corto…. All depending on how much milk you want added to that strong black coffee.

After a short siesta it’s time for pre-dinner beers! I have a favourite spot and that is La Fabrica in the Soho neighbourhood. Soho was previously a really wore down area, just in the centre of Malaga, that was forgotten and abandoned during years. But then MAUS was created – Malaga Arte Urbano Soho – a project to develop the area with a valuable contemporary cultural legacy and a new vision of the city. All with the involvement of the local residents.

Now it’s an area declared and protected as cultural interest and where you can enjoy fantastic graffiti artwork by well-known international, national and local artists as Obey, Boa Mistura and Dadi Dreucol.

La Fabrica is also a part of the MAUS project. This is not only a micro-brewery but also a restaurant where you can have tapas and great burgers while enjoying live music on weekends. You can even rent La Fabrica for events and conferences.

For dinner there will be just some plates to share, something light at Yubá before we finish this long day with a Gin Tonic on their roof top terrace from where I say goodbye and thank you Malaga for today.

Tomorrow I’ll leave the city and get out to sea! I have prepared a day on a catamaran together with friends. Sun, sea, barbecue and cava… Tomorrow will be another great day.

So, this is what I want to do when this quarantine is over. Would you like to join me?

All the best for all of my Friends.
Javier Parejo

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