“Greener than ever”

Lime invests in green!

2018 was the year when Lime went greener than ever.

When it comes to what we eat more and more people choose vegetarian alternatives, at least for one or a couple of days a week. The benefits and reasons are many; It’s good for your health, it’s good for the environment,  it’s cheaper, it contributes to less big-scale livestock breeding, it’s rich in nutrients and we probably ingest less environmental toxins.

In short – we have a lot to gain by living a greener life.

Spain is regarded as the vegetable garden of Europe. A considerable part of fruit, vegetables and legumes that are consumed in Europe is produced right here.

Our intention is, in collaboration with our suppliers, to offer more  green and locally cultivated products.

Those restaurants and hotels with whom we collaborate have been asked to design two different menus – one vegetarian menu and another that we call Km0 which means that all primary products must be locally produced, as close to 0 km from the destination as possible. In the Km0 menu we also include fish and meat.

Photo: Hotel Wellington, Madrid

The idea is to offer vegetarian and locally produced menus just as any other menu. We take away the label “special diet” and replace it with “Mediterranean Diet”. We want to show our guests that vegetarian food is good, colourful, varied and characteristic for the Mediterranean.

Tomatoes that really smell like tomatoes, full-riped avocado, recently captured fish, a hot lentil-soup… It is more rich in flavour when it’s locally produced

This doesn’t mean that we turn down either fish or meat – not at all. We love both fish and meat but preferably from local small- scale producers – Km0!

With this initiative our aim is to contribute to;

  • Sustainable development
  • Sustainable agriculture and livestock breeding
  • Support and gain local economy and job opportunities
  • Shorten transports and reduce pollution
  • Offer products as fresh as possible in order to enjoy their full flavour, smell and characteristics.



So what about a vegetarian meal next time you travel to Spain?
Look out for “Greener than ever – Green Commitment”

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