At Lime DMC, we wear a green heart on our sleeve!

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It doesn’t mind if we call it ecotourism, green travel, sustainable travel or eco-travel, 2019 is the year when Lime goes greener than ever!

But what does “green travel” mean for us?
It’s about choosing wiser options that avoid the negative impact we generate when we travel and creating more opportunities for local communities.

Of course, Lime DMC cannot directly control or avoid all negative impact but, OF COURSE WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE by choosing smarter options in order to minimize our impact on the natural environment.

For example, we can choose and promote energy-efficient hotels, environmentally friendly activities, transports with less fuel consumption and restaurants that serve Km0 products.

Photo: Hotel Wellington, Madrid

Km0 Products??

This is one of the main matters included in our Green Commitment, as it has a lot to do with “giving back”.

When we talk about generating low impact on the environment and supporting local communities, there is a very important topic we strongly believe in: Km0 food
(kilometre zero = all primary products must be locally produced, as close to 0 km from the destination as possible).

Photo: Market Hall, Malaga, Lime DMC

Apart from providing absolutely delicious dishes with tomatoes that really smell like tomatoes, fully ripe avocadoes and freshly-caught fish, for example, this initiative contributes to local trade and local economy.

In addition, it gives small producers the opportunity to succeed with their business and continue offering us their fantastic vegetables, meat, honey or fish. 

Photo: Breathe Marbella

Spain = “The Vegetable Garden of Europe”

Apart from the win from consuming locally produced products, at Lime DMC we are convinced that we have a lot to gain by living a greener life.

Spain is regarded as The Vegetable Garden of Europe, as a bountiful number of veggies, fruits and legumes that are consumed in Europe is produced right here.

Taking this fact and our Green Commitment into account, Lime DMC’s intention is, in cooperation with our suppliers, to offer more green and locally cultivated products.
We have asked the restaurants and hotels with which we collaborate to design two different menus: a vegetarian menu and a Km0 menu. In the Km0 menu we also include fish and meat.

Photo: Atelier Casa de Comidas

The idea is to offer vegetarian and locally produced menus just as any other menu. We take away the label “Special Diet” and replace it with “Mediterranean Diet”. We want to show our guests that vegetarian food from the Mediterranean is colourful, diverse, healthy and very, very tasty!

But this doesn’t mean that we turn down either fish or meat, not at all. We love both fish and meat, but preferably from local small-scale producers – Km0, remember!

Photo: Restaurante Arriaga, Granada, Lime DMC

Through these concepts, Lime DMC’s wants you to enjoy food that nurtures both you and our environment.

Let’s go seasonal and let’s go local!

And what’s more, we are all contributing to:
– Sustainable development
– Sustainable agriculture and livestock breeding
– Support and gain local economy and job opportunities
– Shorten transports and reduce pollution
– Offer products as fresh as possible in order to enjoy their full flavour, smell and characteristics.

Thus, at Lime DMC we think that treating local people, products and places with respect is fundamental. And what’s more, we are convinced that it allows for great choices when talking about truly authentic travel.

All in all, we are very proud to say that we are a sincerely responsible Destination Management Company.

Lime DMC: greener than ever!

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