I’m sure you’ve heard talking about Ronda, that beautiful town divided in two by a gorge and united by the famous Puente Nuevo – the new bridge.

Ronda is situated 100 km west of Malaga and it’s a place of breathtaking beauty. The charming old town, the narrow cobblestone streets and of course the impressive ravine, El Tajo makes out of Ronda a unique city.

But there is so much more to Ronda then that. You can bike in beautiful nature, down through the ravine and to la Cueva del Gato, the Cat Cave, where crystal clear water invites to a swim before continuing the bike ride to a vineyard where lunch is served.

Gastronomy is another key word! Ronda is full of fantastic traditional and cozy eateries. The world’s best tomatoes, without any doubt, are served at Casa Ortega.

Not all destinations can offer a “feel good guaranty” – but Ronda can. Once you experience it you will decide to come back.

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