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We merge the excitement of exploration with a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.



Embark on a transformative journey with Lime DMC!

Partnering with us isn’t just an experience; it’s a commitment to reducing impact, combating climate change and uplifting communities. Ready to unite for the planet?

Since 2017, our Green Commitment initiative has fostered the consumption of green, vegetarian delights, and locally sourced Km0 products. As well, positive environmental impact not only promotes economic growth but resonates with Lime DMC’s Carbon Proof Certification since 2020.

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Climate Commitment

Climate Commitment

Sustainability at Lime DMC isn’t a mere concept; it’s a dynamic force shaping unforgettable MICE events in Spain:

– Collaborate with us to embrace a pathway towards greener, socially responsible experiences. From efficient transportation to delectable eco-friendly menus and unwavering support for local businesses, our approach contributes to sustainable travel.

– Join us in championing human rights, labor rights, workplace health and safety, and environmental respect.

– Engage in CSR activities, explore Spain’s natural beauty with minimal environmental impact and support local commerce for a greener, healthier lifestyle.

Choose Lime DMC for an extraordinary, eco-friendly event experience.

Ready to join forces for a brighter, sustainable future?

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