Turn Your Meeting Inside Out!

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The times we live in force us to rethink and reorganize many of our “normal” habits. Some of those habits include travelling, meetings and events.

Digital solutions and meetings have, since March 2020, literally exploded and have in a very short time become a natural part of our day-to-day life.

But does that mean that the physical meeting and travel will disappear?

No, they won’t, because people are, and will keep being in big need of physical contact, of interacting, of meeting and of discovering. We just have to think differently and find other, different and better ways to meet, build and strengthen personal relations.

Most of the time, it’s not about inventing something new but boosting resources and features we already have. In Spain, one of those features is the GREAT CLIMATE.

Don’t just think outside the box: GET outside the box!

With the Spanish climate offering big promise all year around, we want to bring you some inspiration for “going outdoors” with your event.

Yes, it’s nice to pop outside for 15 minutes during your coffee break but how about taking it one step further and holding your entire meeting or event outdoors?

Moving Your Meeting Outdoors Might Just Be the Secret to Success – We have so much more to gain than just renewing the air in our lungs.

A change of scenery: Change is good for the mind and for productivity

Rather than having meetings and corporate events organized in a ballroom, you might want to consider the gardens of your hotel, the beach, a mountain or a forest: sitting, standing, walking…
Let the employees meet in person, recharge themselves with positive energy and let the informal environment enhance creativity and productivity.

We tend to share, learn, and listen more actively when we meet in a relaxed environment.

Relaxation – Stress-free, think of what you could do!

The goal is that the employees relax their minds and bodies. That is so much easier to achieve in a more laid-back atmosphere than in the environment offered by an office. In the open air it smells good, it feels good and, in some way, it boosts productivity.

Stimulating your senses keeps you focused and alert, and it also strengthen better communication. How? Without the constraints of a formal working place we tend to open up, we’re more willing to share thoughts and ideas. So, go ahead with a fun outdoor brainstorming session! We’re sure that you’ll be able to turn more than one idea into a successful concept.

Get your Vitamin D for the day!

Vitamin D is produced when the skin responds to sunlight, and it helps keep you healthy – particularly your immune system! And a light tan tends to be appreciated too.

Hosting your corporate meeting outdoors is a win-win – It will help everyone feel better and it will also prevent that office winter cold from finding its next victim.

So, head outside to enjoy the Spanish sunlight!

Spend Quality Time Together – Activity-based events

There is so much more to activity-based events than to just have fun and to increase employees’ morale. Consider team-building activities and take your team hiking, biking, or playing paddle-tennis. Spend quality time together and feel part of a family! While having a great deal of fun, you reduce stress and enhance team spirit which translates in happy employees and higher efficiency.

Come on outside and achieve a solid team, strong hearts and active minds.

Find Your Oasis and Create your Social Bubble

You travel to strengthen bonds and enhance team spirit. By picking an accommodation or venue where your company is alone or nearly alone, you create your social bubble in your corporate family house. Choose a place where you can have fun together, use outdoor areas for meetings and use surrounding environment for team-building activities.

Share meals together and strengthen social interaction, and while doing so, take the opportunity to eat climate smart, locally produced food. In September, one of my favourite products is sun ripe mango and I can assure you that it keeps both mind and body happy.

By centralizing your event to “your corporate family house” you also commit to climate by reducing transports and emissions.

There you have the secret to success.

Let us help you take advantage of the Spanish climate and move your event outside! Let us turn your event inside out.

Evalisa Persson

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