Mezquita de Córdoba

The Mezquita-Catedral will leave you speechless

Once you have visited this extraordinary place, you will understand better the meaning of “mesmerising visual impact”.

The first time I went inside this Mosque-Cathedral, nothing had prepared me for the magnificence and astonishing grandeur of its interiors. Its 856 columns linked by horseshoe arches, 50 or so chapels around its fringes, its breathtaking main altar area and a range of extravagant architectural fashions make this building a unique monument in the world.

The place is a singular blend of Christian and Moorish architecture (makes you really think…), as the 16th century cathedral was built right in the middle of the former mosque. Yes, inside, right in its centre.

Let me tell you that pictures or words simply don’t do justice. STUNNING!

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