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These conditions are the Terms and Conditions through which you (the User) and The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. regulate the use and benefit of The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U’s website. It is understood that access to or mere use of The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s website implies that you expressly agree with the following Terms and Conditions, as well as with any other issues arising from the applicable legal regulations. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please do not use this website any more.


The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s website (hereafter the Website) has been designed for purely informative reasons for its users, who have access to information that is provided free of charge and to everybody with no kind of fee at no point of the access. And it is mostly on this domain where The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. wants to establish the following conditions and limitations of use, which are extended and added to all the additional and non contradictory clauses which can be covered by other sections of the Website subject to general and/or particular conditions.

Even “Particular Conditions” in case these are needed for specific services. The “Particular Conditions” mentioned above will have to be provided to the User in a reliable manner through any available media and will have to be approved by the User in a specific way before being considered as accepted by both parts and before acting accordingly.


The contents and the information that can be accessed by the User through the Website, basically through the browser or within the area which is reserved for registered users, are owned by The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.. The information can be viewed for personal, informative and non-commercial use. However, copying such material is not permitted, nor is distributing, executing, reproducing, licensing, transferring or selling any kind of information obtained from The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s Website, and particularly from the users’ browser.

The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. makes particular changes on the information by inserting watermarks through encryption technologies, which do not alter its content or its meaning at all, but that enable the detection of fraudulent commercialization of its databases and the origin of such commercialization, as well as the extraction date and IP address. The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. will be able to prove the illegal extraction of the information and will therefore demand the applicable punishments established by the Criminal Code with respect to improper appropriation of databases.


Intellectual and industrial property, trademarks, graphics, images, logos, information and icons which are displayed on The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s Website are owned exclusively by The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. or, when applicable, by the entity or group that has authorized its inclusion. All the contents and their format are protected by the applicable national and international regulations.

Self-interested use of any kind of content displayed on The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s Website is absolutely forbidden, unless there is a written grant of license.


Data Controller:
The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.
Acera del Darro 10, 3º 18005 Granada
Tel.- 958773865 E-mail: hello@limedmc.com

Data Protection Commissioner:
Grupo Dabo Consulting Empresarial S.L.
Polígono Industrial de Antequera, C/Torre del Hacho, 2
29200 / Antequera / Málaga
Tlf.- 952 70 29 78

“On behalf of the Company, we process the information received from them in order to provide the Company with the required service and to carry out its invoicing. All the data requested are strictly necessary to provide the service, including the possible existence of automated decisions, creating profiles under no circumstances. Your personal data will be stored in the Register of Data-Processing Activities regarding Web Contacts and/or Clients. The provided data shall be stored for the duration of the commercial relationship or during the years required to comply with the corresponding legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in the cases where there is a legal obligation to do so and in order to carry out the proper provision of the contracted services.

As well, we comply with the provisions established by the Royal Decree 301/2002 of 17 December on Travel Agencies and Reservation Centers.

In addition, we inform you about the possible access to the Client’s and/or User’s particular information by the processing agency and by the software applications manager, always ensuring the highest level of the already regulated confidentiality. (All the information concerning these companies and/or professionals is available to the Company in order to be consulted upon prior request).

You have the right to obtain information about whether The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. is processing your personal data. Therefore, you have the right to access to your personal data, modify the incorrect details or request the deletion of the data when they are no longer necessary. You have also the right to limit the processing of your data, to object to their treatment or portability and to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data, and even to lodge a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.”

Regarding commercial communications, The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. undertakes NOT TO SEND ADVERTISING CORRESPONDENCE WITHOUT IDENTIFYING IT AS SUCH. To these effects, no information sent to the User of The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s website will be considered as advertising correspondence provided its object is to maintain the existing contractual relationship between the client and The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U., as well as to carry out information tasks and any other activities related to the service which the client has hired from the company.

The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. hereby commits itself NOT TO USE MISLEADING ADVERTISING. For these purposes, the consideration of misleading advertising shall not apply to formal or numerical errors that may be found throughout the content of the different sections included in The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s website, resulting from incomplete or defective maintenance and/or updating of the information contained in these sections. The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U., pursuant to the provisions set forth in this section, hereby undertakes to correct any such errors as soon as they are brought to its attention.


The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. accepts no responsibility for any possible damages or harm that might arise from failures or defective settings in the software installed on the User’s computer, errors in the transmission and flaws derived from the software manufacturer. This website is designed by default to be viewed through any kind of browser and any type of operating system. The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. shall not be liable for any lack of visualization of relevant information that may derive from other possible combination of browsers and/or operating systems.

You are solely responsible for what happens to your own computer equipment, and you should take the appropriate security measures in order to protect the information stored in it, so you can avoid losses or damages caused by downloads from the Website. Regarding the information that can be accessed by the User through the Website, due to the different sources of its collection and to its recording procedures, The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. does not guarantee the absolute accuracy of such information and therefore, the User shall not demand for any liability for damages and prejudices arising from errors and/or inaccuracies of the provided information.


The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U. may revise and update these Terms and Conditions at any time. Although this is not intended to be frequent, the owner of the Website undertakes to publish on this same page the dates of such modifications, coming into effect immediately. In case a part of these Terms and Conditions ceases to be applicable due to legislative change or court decision, such clause will be invalidated, but the rest will remain completely valid and in force. Please keep in mind that your use of our website means that you accept these conditions and that you also accept the modifications made to them, hereby committing yourself to check this website frequently. In case you do not accept these conditions, you should stop visiting The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s website.


The contents included in The Lime Group in Spain, S.L.U.’s website have no political line and do not support any kind of ideology or political/social group above others.

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